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Our Philosophy

The KKPS encourages the development of the whole child through physical, social cognitive, spiritual, and emotional growth of the whole learner.

Kingdom Kids Preparatory School, where learning is fun & fun is learning!

Kingdom Kids Preparatory School is an academic and cultural development school for kids in Augusta to learn and grow in a religious-focused environment year-round. At Kingdom Kids Preparatory School, our academic leaders serve infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary and middle-schoolers through a rich, child-centered curriculum that supports and enables children to discover and develop the fullness of their individual gifts.

At Kingdom Kids, the children and students are the first priority. We look at the movements and actions of each child at Kingdom Kids and use everything as a teachable moment. We believe in providing an excellent academic program in an organized and loving environment.

Year-round programs, classes & childcare

Kingdom Kids Preparatory School offers year-round programs and academic curricula to ensure that all Kingdom Kids are continuing to grow in a religious-focused learning environment. Kingdom Kids Preparatory School is comprised of four components that make us able to improve educational outcomes in the Augusta area on a broad scale.

Quality, nurturing care for students & children

Kingdom Kids Preparatory School is an all-encompassing environment that focuses on religious values for learning and childcare in Augusta. It is our goal to guide and help each student achieve positive self-esteem about their learning skills. We strive to do our part in helping families raise amazing children in a collaborative, fun, religious-focused learning environment.

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